The power of regular meditation

Meditation is a reward from nature to mankind. In today’s busy world of career, networking, family problems, we are highly saturated with stress. Our minds need rest and regular meditation. Stress has become our partner.

Meditation is a natural remedy to overcome a number of physical and psychological disorders. Following are the benefits of regular meditation.

  1. Meditation lower your blood pressure.
  2. Increases blood circulation.
  3. Improves memory, concentration and processing power.
  4. Meditation enhances creativity.
  5. It relaxes our body and mind.

How to begin meditation

People often confuse meditation with religious activity. It doesn’t have to be a religious practice. It is scientific and easy to get started.

  1. Keep an alarm for 30 minutes. You can also start with as good as 20 minutes. By keeping an alarm, you do not have to worry about the time.
  2. Sit or rest down with your eyes closed. Be comfortable.
  3. In the beginning, you may find multiple distractions and sound around. Do not resist them, because once you learn how to focus, they won’t even matter to you anymore.
  4. You can use the mantra. You can also use words for example, “om”.
  5. It is important to relax your body before you begin meditation.
  6. Focus on your breath. Feel your every single breath. This will help you start focusing. Start chanting mantra or “om” while concentrating on your breath.

A regular practice of meditation helps you to develop concentration and consciousness. It brings the power of healing. Meditation can heal you from a severe chronic illness.

No pain can reach you while meditating. You eventually develop a habit of it, and it brings you the clarity of things. Meditation gives you the power to achieve your goals working passionately towards it.

If you wholeheartedly meditate on a regular basis, you will

  1. Feel compassion for every being.
  2. Start living your life as a blessing.

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