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Every human living on this planet has three basic necessities; food, clothing, and shelter but not everyone is able to fulfill his or her basic need. Some people don’t have food to eat, some don’t have clothes to wear, and some don’t even have a shelter to live; all these are unprivileged people who are majorly facing rough time throughout their life. Many organizations have helped these people in betterment of their future and few organizations are taking steps towards reducing the suffering of these unprivileged people by providing them food to eat, blankets to cover their body with, and also clothes to wear.



RadheMaaBeHuman,Charity, Donation

Charity, Donation,ShriRadheMaa


Charity,Donation, Human



Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust is one such organization working toward the betterment of unprivileged people. Shri Radhe Maa believes in personal responsibility for the moral transformation of the society through generous love and service and also believes that “God gives us an opportunity to serve him by serving humanity. Shri Radhe Maa has organized many Seva Initiatives for unprivileged people which include health camps, donations of books, medicines, and clothes. One of these recent initiatives was “VASTRA DAAN “. Shri Radhe Maa organized a clothes donation drive for destitute, blind and mentally challenged women at Andhakshi Ashram.

#ShriRadheMaa #RadheMaaOceanofKindness #RadheMaaCharitableTrust #RadheMaaBeHuman #ShriRadheMaaOceanofKindness

#ShriRadheMaa #RadheMaaOceanofKindness #RadheMaaCharitableTrust #RadheMaaBeHuman #ShriRadheMaaOceanofKindness

#ShriRadheMaa #RadheMaaOceanofKindness #RadheMaaCharitableTrust #RadheMaaBeHuman #ShriRadheMaaOceanofKindness

#ShriRadheMaa #RadheMaaOceanofKindness #RadheMaaCharitableTrust #RadheMaaBeHuman #ShriRadheMaaOceanofKindness







RadheMaaCharitableTrust,Vastra Daan,Charity




Shri Radhe Maa’s vision is to break the terrible cycle of deprivation and social seclusion to restore hope for a better future. Her strong will and support from the countless number of followers in the country and abroad, has successfully lead in the organization of multiple initiatives in and around the country, to share what they have with the less fortunate through health camps, donations of bags, blankets, and clothes. Every initiative organized by Radhe Maa has spread a positive effect on the unprivileged people who had lost any kind of hope in their life.

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